10 January, 2010

Arizona's Shame

No, we're not talking about John McCain today.  We're talking about Arizona's other shame:
President Obama has nominated a variety of well-qualified officials to fill key posts in the Treasury Department, including positions with jurisdiction over tax policy and international finance. Their nominations would be approved if the Senate were allowed to vote on them.

But that's not happening, because Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) isn't satisfied with -- get this -- enforcement of prohibitions on internet gambling. Kyl wanted enforcement in January, the administration said June, so Kyl effectively responded, "No Treasury Department officials for you."


Look, I realize that the occasional senator is going to play petty and unnecessary games from time to time. But Obama has been in office for nearly a year. We're struggling to overcome a global financial crisis. Key offices relating to the economy are vacant because Jon Kyl is pouting over a six-month delay in implementing regulations on internet gambling. There's simply no way to defend this.
There isn't.  And what's more, Cons don't care.  All they care about is stamping their feet and screaming as loud as they can, the country's well-being be damned.

Arizona, listen up.  You've got some work to do.  In 2012, you've got a prime opportunity to kick John McCain to the curb, and I desperately hope you do, because he's become nothing more than a shameless right-wing hack.  And, though there's no word yet whether Kyl's running for re-election, his days are also numbered in 2012.  I'll be thrilled if you manage to rid yourselves of at least one of them.  I'll be ecstatic if you boot them both.

You owe it to yourselves and your country to ensure that these two assclowns end up having to put Former in front of their titles.

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