26 November, 2008

Think Progress Dances on Ignorant Politico "Reporter"

It's not often that I see Think Progress really let go, but apparently two fucktarded articles in one day was too much for them. Brad Johnson borrows the Smack-0-Matic and goes to town:

Erika Lovley, the Politico’s energy and environment reporter, today wrote a full-page article on the dying breed of global warming deniers that promotes their brand of toxic stupidity.

Lovley unquestioningly quotes extremist denier Joseph D’Aleo, Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) aide Marc Morano, and Cato Institute fellow Patrick Michaels in a piece littered with bald assertions and slanders against the scientific community without any basis in reality.

Brad then bashes her with real science, and annihilates her second article (he treats the two as one idiotic whole), before delivering the coup de grace:

In fact, this piece only provides evidence that the Politico is comprised of stupendous hacks who scorn the very concept of responsible journalism.

Thank you, Brad. May I have the Smack-o-Matic back before you break it, please? Thankee kindly. I'm sure Steve Benen appreciates the chance to get in a whack of his own:

How many scientists are quoted defending the global warming consensus of the scientific community? Zero. Lovley's article reads like something one might find on World Net Daily.

All too true. I'd hope the stupid git could feel a touch of shame at being so outrageously moronic, but anyone who swallows anti-science pablum pushed by far-right fucktards and believes that the Old Farmer's Almanac is equivalent to a peer-reviewed science journal likely has no shame at all.

We'd better get good, sturdy dancing shoes, my darlings. Looks like we'll have plenty of dwarves of ignorance to stomp down, despite the fact we just elected a man whose major "failing" is his use of complete sentences.

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