24 July, 2009

Last Chance to Get Yer Treasure Aboard

NP be takin' all the Elitist Bastards she can muster aboard. Ye don't want to miss a nice trip to the beach, now, do ye? Get yer best elitist bastardry submitted to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com by end o' day Friday so ye're assured plenty o' sand, sun and rum.

Besides, ye don't want to miss yer chance to sunbathe with a celebrity, do ye? That's right - we have a new sailor this time out, and he be famous among skeptics. Ye'll be tellin' yer grandchildren about the time ye sailed alongside o' the illustrious Pirate X - but only if ye get aboard the ship on time.

(Postdated for those who lingered in the tavern too long - new content be below)

1 comment:

Efrique said...

Well I sent the link in to the post you suggested I submit. I hope I got it in soon enough.