11 January, 2010

Shall I Compare Thee to a Hormone-Deficient Salamander?

Or would that be an insult to the salamander?
Although, a pronounced lack of adult refinement characterizes the arrested development displayed by both axolotls and creationists, I admittedly find the comparison between the two species somewhat inaccurate, and, in all honesty, disrespectful.  After all, axolotls, unlike creationists, are physically and behaviorally adapted to their environment — the high-altitude lakes they call home.  Creationists on the other hand, have suffered from such complete and total developmental arrest that they remain today only as anachronisms, psychologically better suited for long degraded and extinct habitats –like those settings more common to the time of Socrates.
And yes, the whole post is that delightfully snarky.  Do enjoy, my darlings.

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