25 May, 2009


Laughing too hard right now to come up with a suitably snarky intro:
I'm actually sympathetic to the wingnuts who are angry about the national GOP "clearing the field" for Charlie Crist for the senate seat from Florida. I think people have a right to run in primaries and the political establishment should be more respectful of democracy. The grassroots of both parties are growing increasingly resistant to their party establishmenst steamrolling them into accepting politicians who don't reflect their values and philosophy and it's going to be a challenge for some time to come.

Having said that, I have to admit that the way the movement conservatives are going about this is so puerile and stupid that you can't really blame the establishment for stepping in. Ed Kilgore reports:
The "Not One Red Cent" webpage is quite a piece of work. It features a sort of manifesto with the shouting headline: NOT ONE RED CENT FOR RINO SELLOUTS! (the exclamation point is a bit redundant, but I guess that's a stylistic decision).

Yesterday the site included a post by Richard McEnroe, entitled "A Florida Parable!" and with a subtitle that I cannot reprint in a family-friendly blog, that played off a bizarre news story about two Russian tourists who got caught in Florida having sex with a porcupiine. McEnroe "revealed" the identity of the tourists by displaying photos of Michael Steele and Charlie Crist.

Nice, eh?
But remember, we liberals are the ones who're poisoning the national discourse with our dirty, disgusting diatribes.

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