23 February, 2011


Via Callan Bentley and many others, Christchurch moments after the earthquake struck:

That's the dust of a city shaking apart.  Incredible.  If anyone finds out who took this, let me know so I can include proper credit.

Here's another striking image, from friends of @monaeltahawy via a myriad of Twitter folk

All of this has put me very much in mind of the quote often attributed to Will Durant: "Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice."

Our own Chris Rowan was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor for an article on the quake.  And don't forget to check out his post, which he's keeping updated.

At least 75 dead so far, hundreds missing. A man took a walk through the ruins, and said more than perhaps anyone can about the aftermath.

Disasters are just that - disastrous.  But the survivors will ensure something whole and beautiful rises from the rubble.  In time.

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