22 September, 2009

Gems Among the Dross

Tonight's been mostly miserable, but it's also been quite interesting, really. In those rare moments when I've managed to make it outside, I've seen:
1. One of the greatest starry nights we've ever had in Seattle.

2. A gray fox (!) trotting around sniffing after rabbits. I didn't even know we had one living in that tiny little strip of woods behind our complex.

3. A meteor. Which actually wasn't the greatest thing to see after watching a program talking about what would happen if something like the Tunguska event happened over a major city.... but still neato, especially as we're happily unincinerated.
And people wonder why I keep smoking. Granted, I could still go out on the porch if I didn't smoke, but I probably wouldn't do it so often. The increased risk of horrible diseases is almost worth those moments when I see things I otherwise wouldn't.

How about you guys? Seen any not-quite-everyday wonders lately?


Allen said...

Don't tell anyone this, but we are into our (locally) famous Indian Summer. Tell everyone outside of the NW that it is all rainy and miserable here.

We had an event here, what it was I forget, on the only rainy couple of days we had all summer. A local TV station interviewed a visitor and did not disabuse her of her belief that she was in typical NW weather.

Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Have you watched the international space station zip overhead in the evening? They have a schedule, by zip code, at http://spaceweather.com/flybys/

It's much brighter and faster than I expected. It's good for an evening moment of cosmic appreciation.

Efrique said...