25 May, 2009

Catching Up with Ecstathy

The problem with not subscribing to blogs is that you miss a blogger's return from an absence. Which means you miss some awesome stuff. And if you haven't been over to Ecstathy lately, you've really missed some awesome stuff.

Like infinite cake.

And a quote that should shut down any "you can't be moral without God" arguments, at least as long as it take the religious blatherer to pick his/her jaw up off the floor:
In a comment by Ian Spedding at John Wilkins blog, he said: "Ask them if they believe their chosen deity is a capricious being or one of reason and order. If the former, why follow a moral code that was thought up on a whim, if the latter, what is to prevent us from reasoning to the same conclusions all by ourselves."
You missed a delightful Ida LOL:

And a link to a thought-provoking opinion piece by The Age columnist Michael Coulter:
It's a puzzling thing about religion that its words, which generally urge us to bolster our better natures and remedy our faults, so rarely match its actions. It seems to me that while an individual's faith can be a profound personal journey that might even make them a better person, a society's faith is akin to mass psychosis.
It's good to have you back, Efrique.

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efrique said...

Wow, thanks for the highlight.

I'm still likely to be intermittent for a while yet, but I should be able to make at least semi-regular posts now.