26 May, 2009

Look! Up in the Sky! Is That a Pale Horse?

Because I swear to fuck it's Armageddon. I mean, we've got Helene Cooper blathering senselessly in the New York Times, comparing Obama to Bush, trying to claim Obama's knocking down straw men, and offering this as her proof:

“There are those who say these plans are too ambitious, that we should be trying to do less, not more,” Mr. Obama told a town-hall-style meeting in Costa Mesa, Calif., on March 18. “Well, I say our challenges are too large to ignore.”

Mr. Obama did not specify who, exactly, was saying America should ignore its challenges.

I mean, really? This is an example of the commanding political intellect and keen powers of observation at work at the NYT? Every right wing knock on Obama for the first hundred days always insinuated "he's doing too much." I find 37,000 examples in one quick search. (Publius has a fine collection, too.)

But that's not what's got us in pale horse territory. This does:

And it's not like this was some selective observation of the left. Here's Rammesh Ponurru at The Corner:

I suspect that I will not have many opportunities to defend President Obama from New York Times reporters, so I will seize this one. The related notions that Obama has too much on his plate, that he is overloading the political system, and that he is spending too little time on the economy and too much on health and the environment are staples of centrist and center-right commentary about the president, and have been for months.


When someone at the fucking Corner is defending Obama, you know a hole's just been ripped in the space-time continuum. I hope Helene's happy. Her lazy, ignorant, flat-out wrong reporting might very well have just brought on the Apocalypse.

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