09 August, 2008


As of 8:12 PM Pacific, the AccountabilityNow PAC's moneybomb stands at $154,302.

That's a fuck of a lot of accountability.

Muchos gracias to all who donated. Those who didn't still can, if they'd like - don't let the fact it's not August 8th anymore stop you.

Enough of us working together can ensure we're a force for change.

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Woozle said...

This inspired me to finally create a page about cooperative action, which I tentatively define as "where any large group of individuals agree, without coercion or incentive of personal gain, to take a particular action – typically at a predetermined time or over a predetermined timespan."

The money bomb is one working example, though I'm sure there have been others. The page also has plenty of room for ideas and brainstorming.