01 February, 2010

I Feel Ashamed

I have a confession to make.  I didn't do (much) political reading today.  Instead, I went to several used bookstores, and then I saw chick flicks.  Not one chick flick.  Two.

Don't ask me why my friend and I decided this was a good idea.  It must have been a good ad campaign or something.  But we went to see Up In the Air.  I believe it's being marketed as a romance.  Let's just say that it totally reaffirms my jaundiced view of love, relationships, and the blessing of marriage.

That's probably why I liked it.  But still.  That meant it wasn't much of a chick flick, and we'd set out to watch a chick flick.  So we came home and selected Intolerable Cruelty off the On Demand menu.

That's somewhat more of a chick flick.  Sort of.  It's farcial, and totally unbelievable, and a great deal of fun.  If you've never seen it, rent it simply because the scene with the judge is utterly fucking hysterical.  But don't expect anything that makes sense, develops characters and situations in detail, or takes your breath away with its masterful performances, or you'll only be setting yourself up for disappointment.  This is a movie for a day when you don't want to think.

So.  Chick flicks.  Two.  I feel like watching something brutally violent now, just to wash the taste of all this out of my mouth.  Instead, I'm watching Solving History with Olly Steeds.  Look, it's got great shots of the Andes.  And I just finished a book on the Andes, so I'm feeling a little partial.

I'd been planning to write something of substance tonight, but my brain has run away screaming.  I shall have to leave you with no profound thoughts, but this warning: if you want to get meaningful work done in the evening, don't spend your afternoon with chick flicks.


george.w said...

Dana, if you did ONE of your Discursos a week, you'd still be dishing out more ass-kickery than five average bloggers. So it's OK to take a day off now and then.

Dana Hunter said...

B-b-but it was CHICK FLICKS!!!

I'm just glad I still have your support after that!

rekenner said...

Hey, there are good Chick Flicks.
Just few, and far between.
I nominate Love, Actually.