17 January, 2011

For the LOLZ

I'm going to make you click some links.  Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Writers will squeal "That's me!" and non-writers will gain great insight into the writer's mind from The 4 Stages of Writing.  (via @NPalmby)

I endorse SMBC's proposal: Screw "Real Life Applications".  Want Kids to Learn Science?  Put This In Every Textbook.  (via about 5 billion people on Twitter, who promptly got buried under a flood of #scio11 tweets and are now beyond my ability to excavate.)

And lastly, this isn't an LOL, except LOLing in delight: a new science aggregator has launched!  Please do visit ScienceSeeker.org.  If you're a science blogger, submit! 

Do enjoy, my darlings!

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