27 January, 2011

ETEV Geo-Posts Lexicon

Silver Fox posed me a question on Twitter that sent me on an hours-long gallop through ye olde blog:
You've been blogging for quite a while, when did you start doing rock posts and other related geo-type subjects?
I couldn't remember.  Been doing this since March of 2008, and it's almost 3,200 posts under the bridge since then.  I'd started with pollyticks mostly, along with a heaping helping of bashing on IDiots, and only gradually transitioned to the current mix.  And I have the attention span of a meth-addicted Jack Russell Terrier combined with the memory of a brain-damaged goldfish (I exaggerate only a little), so it's hard to cast my pathetic excuse for a mind back to those misty days of almost three years ago and remember just what the hell I was doing.  

I'm sunk if I ever get hauled in by the police, people.  They'll ask me what I was doing on the evening of X, and I'll have to say I've no idea.  They'll ask me if I ever met so-and-so, and I'll say no, and they'll whip out some incriminating photo showing me with X, and they won't believe me when I tell them I didn't remember X's name and have only a vague idea of the circumstances under which that photo was taken.  But I digress.  See: attn span of meth-addict JR above.

I took a gallop through my science-tagged posts in an attempt to answer Silver Fox's question, and having worked up some momentum, I took a run at the entire opus.  If you've ever wanted links to all of my geo-related posts, then this is the post for you!

If you want a sampling of all my science-related posts, simply click the "Science" tag at the end of this post, or find it in Labels in the sidebar.  Enjoy!

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"Intense Discovery" 

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Getting Acquainted with Agassiz Parte the Second

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Geology Strikes Again

I Smell Abject Ignorance

Getting My Rocks On

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mount Saint Helens

Oregon Geology Parte the First

Geologist to YECs: "Shh Even Before You Start!"

Relative Dangers

Oregon Geology Parte the Second

Whither Geology?

Fangirl Gets Noticed by the Rock Stars, Freaks the Hell Out

Life on the Rocks

Whiskey on the Rocks

Some Preliminary Geological Findings

Things I Found in the Twitterverse

Wither Geology? National Parks Edition

Things That Caught My Attention

Things That Made Me Go, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"

SIWOTI Syndrome: Gabbro Edition

Seward Park: A Scientific Wonderland

The Crash of Continents, the Whisper of Water

The Poetry and Prose of Ellen Morris Bishop

Strata to Make Your Heart Sing

Geological Humor.  Plus, Choices

Pop Rocks

Accretionary Wedges

Geoblogosphere Samplings

Volcanoes and Debris Flows and Experts, Oh My!

The Wolf in the Fault and Other Stories

Geo Linkfest!

Captain's Log Supplemental: Mary's Peak I

The Columns Became

AW #27 Now Available

Geology in Bed, at Work, and at a Friend's Place

Test Driving with Geology

Do Ya Think I'm Bluffing, Punk?  Well, Do Ya?

Wherein I Do Some Geology All By My Lonesome

Oh, Schist! And Other Stories

Great Scarp!  Seattle Has Faults!

One of the Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Seen

Such Civil War Is In My Love and Hate

Geocandy: Earth Fall Down and Go Boom

Bedrock Bonanza

For Those Who Missed It

Sands of Time

I Need a Geology Degree

Why (Part of) the World Is Flat

The Allure of the Orcas Chert and How to Keep Undergarments Fresh in the Field

The World is Weird

Christmas Rocks

The Quote Detective

Oregon Geology Parte the Third

Building a Better World: Ice Caves

And there it is.  Those who click on the "science" tag will notice that ye olde blog focused rather heavily on biology and astronomy, along with a smattering of climate stuff, at the beginning.  That wasn't merely a result of falling under PZ and Phil's respective spells - it was because I was frantically catching up on biology after neglecting it for years, and I've always had a soft spot for stars.  But between exploring a bit of the geology round these parts and visiting ye olde home state of Arizona, where geology is on spectacular display, my focus started shifting more and more toward one of my old, great loves.  Then the geoblogosphere adopted me, and the rest is history.

This year, I plan on dabbling my toes in chemistry, and I have some work to do on climate and weather for ye olde magnum opus, along with who knows what else shall come up.  Expect to see quite the variety of science as 2011 goes on - but we won't be skimping on geology.  

So much delicious science, so little time!  If anyone knows someone with gobs and oodles of money they don't know what to do with, please do inform them that a blogger/author in Seattle would like to make some suggestions.  ;-)

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