16 January, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Do not subscribe, or give someone you love a subscription, to Mothering Magazine. 

Mothering magazine: Peddling dangerous health misinformation to new mothers

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you mentioned this, and glad you provided the link to sciencebasedmedicine.org, where I read a few articles.

I live in an area full of woo, and can't believe what some people are paying for woo.

This past year I was the one who convinced an acquaintance of mine to undergo breast cancer treatment (she is just finishing up). Her husband wasn't encouraging her to go with normal science-based treatment because 'he once had a brother who went thru awful cancer treatment and died anyway.' Oh.

So, she delayed surgery and conventional treatment for months while she tried the natural route of eating spinach, making bone marrow soup, and walking 3 mi. a day. When she asked the health professionals if she could be directed to someone else who had 'gone the natural route', they said they didn't have anyone she could talk to. Oh.