15 May, 2011

Casting my line, seeing if I get any bites

Sorry about the title, I'm horrible handling fishing references, but both my father and grandfather are avid weekend fishermen and I feel an obligation to occasionally submit a nod to the sport of sitting in a boat in the rain and looking at the bright side of it all.

Ahem. Right then. Hello blogosphere, it's Jacob with another out of the blue guest post.

I have an interest in a blog subject I was going to write about, but I wanted to test the waters and see if the readers had any interest. Taking a cue from the Academia series I wrote a few years ago, I wanted to blog a bit about my occupation, both from a technical and emotional perspective. I am a 9-1-1 calltaker and dispatcher, and over the last 16 months have gone through quite an experience. So I ask you: does anyone have any questions, thoughts, or interest in reading about my experiences? As always I offer only my humblest insights, with the fair warning that I claim to know little and I know far less than I claim.

If so, drop a comment, I'll start sometime in the next day or three, with probably weekly submissions for as long as there is still interest in whatever I can find to say. If not, perhaps I'll find a more interesting topic of discussion, or I'll just sit quietly in the corner and let Dana get on with her own damn blog, thankyewverymuch.


Dana Hunter said...

Ooo, me! I can't think of questions, right at the moment, but I damned well want to read about the experience. Maybe after hearing a bit of an introduction, I'll have questions aside from "How many idiots drunk-dialing 911 do you get per week?" ;-)

Jacob said...

Blame the kids, actually, not the alcohol. I live in a college town and I get more calls every day from (sober) pocket dials and kids playing on the phone than anyone dialing 911 by accident/a prank while intoxicated.