20 May, 2011

My Cat the Geology Fan

A few of us on Twitter were recently discussing the feasibility of sticking cats in washes in order to create some geology lolcats.  This is the closest my cat will ever come to a dry wash.  She's not what you might call a fan of the great outdoors.  But, apparently, she likes pop geo books just fine:

If you're inspired to caption, knock yourselves out.  I'd love to see the result!

I wish I could believe she really was interested in geology, but I think she was just trying to impress the neighbor, who was visiting us for the first time.  She's more of a Doctor Who fan at heart.  Here's yet another bit of evidence:

Note how she's shifted them so they form a nice, comfy arc along her back.  And she's dragged her green tissue paper closer so she can have all of her great loves in one place.  This is why I will never be able to clear my living room floor of Doctor Who DVDs, a tattered old piece of cardboard from an Amazon shipment, and that stupid piece of tissue paper: she'd kill me if I tried.  All right, granted, she attempts to kill me anyway, but only as an afterthought.  She'd be motivated to murder if I ever put things away.

If blogging ever suddenly ceases, at least you'll know what happened to me.


Suzanne said...

such an angelic face on her dana.... but if ya look closely, i think ya can see her inner basement cat

Callan Bentley said...

Okay. Try this!

Evelyn said...

So many geobloggers have cats, and I think this would make a great meme!

Here's a similar picture of my cat Samira:

By the way, your kitteh is adorable!

Cujo359 said...

That caption works for me, Callan. Her expression always says to me "This is an absolutely super position, and I'm not moving."

Lockwood said...

Here's mine: http://outsidetheinterzone.blogspot.com/2011/05/geololcats.html

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