21 May, 2011

Sod This, I'm Holding Out for Ragnarok

Oh, my god.  What a surprise.  The End Times have not come.  I am so shocked.  I just do not believe it. I-

(Hee hee.  Ho ho.  BWAH-HAHAHAHA!)

I can't keep a straight face. 

The excuses as to why the Rapture failed to happen on schedule will no doubt be mildly amusing.  Same ol' song and dance, I'm afraid: some doofus predicts the apocalypse, the apocalypse mysteriously fails to happen.  (When reached for comment, Jesus Christ is reported to have said, "Ha ha ha PSYCH!  Matthew 24:36, bitches!")  Wot an anti-climax.

I'm holding out for Ragnarok anyway.  The Twilight of the Gods is so much more awesome than all the silliness in Revelation.


Lyle said...

A couple of comments:
First in the past there were many debates about daylight saving time not being gods time (at least in Indiana), yet it was predicted on Daylight Saving time (So it must be that gods time is daylight saving time).
Second if you want to go back gods time had noon at the point where the sun was highest in the sky locally, not because some railroad and then the government said it was noon (Yes standard time was invented by the railroads because each railroad picked a city for its time, and in cities where railroads intersected things got complex, so the railroads introduced the standard time system to make their life simpler) So should it have been 6hours after the sun was highest in the sky locally instead of because the government said it was 6pm?
Just thought I would ask questions based upon historical debates.

Anyway I like the german term for the event gotterdamerung better it rolls off the tongue nicer, plus there is a whole series of operas by Wagner about it.

Malcolm V L said...

Lol Dana I love how the tags go so well together