08 May, 2011

Los Links 5/6

Once again, Yahoo ate all of my beautiful links.  This time, I haven't got the time to track back through my Twitter feed and try to resurrect them.  Which rather brings me to a question: are these Los Links posts doing anybody any good?  Do you wish me to continue?  Because if Los Links is of limited value to you, my dear readers, then we should move on.

Right.  Moving on.  Here are at least a few links of interest, for those interested parties.  The really big news of the week, o' course, was bin Laden's ass getting killed.

Decrepit Old Fool: Motion to adjourn.  This is it.  This is everything I would have said about it, said much better than I could have done.  Read this.  Then go read his one on climate change.  Now.

Hullabaloo: Ten Years On.  Great retrospective/introspective by Digby on the whole bin-Laden-is-dead thing.

Observations of a Nerd: How do you ID a dead Osama anyway? Three things to love about this.  First, adore the science spin on a major current event.  Second, this happened in a matter of hours after Bora put out a call for posts on the topic on Twitter.  Third, got to learn things about DNA testing I hadn't known before.  WIN!

And now for an assortment of other things worthy of your attention.

Scientific American: Extrasensory Pornception: Doubts About A New Paranormal Claim.  For one thing, the study "proving" ESP has been debunked.  So if you hear folks blabbing on about it, tell them to shaddup already.

ERV: Women and woo: Do women hate vaccines? The answer may surprise you.  Or not.  Depends on what kind of nonsense you're willing to believe about women.

Highly Allochthonous: The many faces of earthquake triggering.  Wanna know how one earthquake can set off another? Read on! Simon Winchester, take especial note.

Reading the Washington Landscape: Dunite - Decorative, Heat Resistant and CO2 Sequestration. This stuff is teh awesome. And we've got whole mountains made of it. Woot!

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: Or not…  For a post that's supposedly not a post, this one contained some very neat info!

Uncovered Earth: Sunday Science Photos, April 24 – 30.  I'm super-excited about this series, and I hope Michael keeps it up!

Mountain Beltway: Pamukkale 1. Turkish travertine!  Yum!

Looking for Detachment: Cross-Bedded.  Finally, someone jumped on the Sedimentary Sentiments meme bandwagon! And it's gorgeous.  ZOMG so beautiful!

Greg Laden's Blog: A multiplicity of strategies is better than infighting when addressing creationism and related problems.  This is a meta-post that contains links to pretty much every post I wanted to highlight from Almost Diamonds and Butterflies and Wheels, plus great stuff from Why Evolution is True and Pharyngula.  So there we are!

I'm missing a ton of outstanding stuff, and it kills me, but outta time.  If there's an especial favorite post from this past week I've missed, put it in the comments so all of us can have a read!


Suzanne said...

i don't have a link to leave but i love los links. i always learn something from your links and there is often great eye candy accompanying the articles.

i know it must take a lotta time to pull them together every week and wanted you to know that i appreciate them *and* totally understand when yahoo eats your links -- for put together on the fly, these are dayam good dana.

Silver Fox said...

I always read los links, and find something new to read - sounds like Yahoo is sucking, though.

Anonymous said...

I like los links. It's like Brian Romans' "what rocks" weekly round-up. It helps me keep track of all the great stuff on the internets.

Karen said...

I definitely like los links. I follow them faithfully, and find all sorts of stuff that I've missed over the week. Keep 'em up!

Rockdawg said...

I like the los links too. I love your spin on them. Through you I read a lot of things I might not read otherwise. Thanks for them.

george.w said...

I have tried to make regular links features and can't figure out how you do it so well. You seem to have a talent for finding neat stuff.

There are three sites whose links features I look forward to: yours, ***Dave, and Mike, the mad biologist.

Cujo359 said...

There are usually some gems in this list. I look forward to it, even when Yahoo eats it.

NewDealFarmGrrrlll said...

i always read los links, great stuff! With my work schedule, don't always get to them the day they're posted, but i always look for los links!

Your finds are so interesting. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to lay out such a tasty smorgasbord.

If it's too much to keep up with, take care of Dana first! But i read 'em and love 'em.

Woozle said...

Los Links is one of your regular features that I specifically look forward to! Many of your links end up being filed on Issuepedia or, when I don't have time, they go in my tabdump for quick reference and later filing (hopefully).

How is Yahoo part of the chain of events leading to the creation of Los Links? I'm wondering if there's a better solution. We duz innernet teknollidgeez over heer... >.>.

Woozle said...

Yahoo ate your links? Blogger ate my comment. Here's what I remember saying:

1. Yes! Los Links are one of the main features I look forward to. Many of your links end up getting filed on Issuepedia or stashed in my not-as-temporary-as-I-would-like holding page.

2. I'm curious about how Yahoo is involved in collecting links in the first place. Maybe there's a better way to do it? I duz innernet teknollidgees...