12 October, 2008

Please Stand By... We Are Experiencing Technicatal Difficulties

The sound you hear like a thousand boulders rhythmically being ground together: a cat's contented purr.

The whisky-whispering sound: the cat's paw being repeatedly ushered off the touchpad by the cat's personal servant.

The sudden scream: the cat registering displeasure at having said paw removed from said touchpad by trying to bite off the servant's hand.

Yup. It's getting cold outside, so every time I sit down, I end up with a feline draped across both arms. I reserve the right to blame any late posts, bizarre typos, or inexplicable non-sequitars on this fact.


Atheist Chaplain said...

awwww, I love Kitties, one of mine often demands to assist me while I am at the computer :-)

Brian said...

Such a big hep! It's no fair dat kitties can't blog. :)