11 October, 2008

Sarah Palin's Fuckwittery Knows No Bounds

I know, I know. I'm not telling you anything new. But there's fuckwittery, and then there's scummy fuckwittery, and then there's this kind of fuckwittery:
The Alaska governor told Ingraham’s listeners that if those questions were being answered, voters would find Obama “out of the mainstream,” adding that the Illinois senator would diminish “the prestige of the United States presidency.”
Sarah? Do you really want to talk about "diminish[ing] the prestige of the United States presidency"? I mean, do you really want to bring this up? Cuz we could go there, but I don't think you'd like the view.

Just sayin'.

(Tip o' the shot glass to Jackbauer8393 at Daily Kos)


Anonymous said...

waezCan you imagine this sorry excuse for a women meeting some real women who are intellegent and in positions of power, The Queen of England ,Merkle of Germany to name a couple of them. This would totally destroy any credibility the U.S may still have. No way in hell can this idiot be turned loose on the world

idahovic said...

I can't help but hear racial overtones in this statement.

"Outside the mainstream" = Not White.

And the prestige of the U.S. presidency will be reduced because, wait for it... That One's Not White.

Nixon's "Southern strategy" writ nationwide has become the tactic of choice for McCain/Palin. It's both sad and scary.

I understand McCain backed away from this tactic somewhat Friday telling a supporter at one of his rallies that Obama was a decent person and they shouldn't be scared of him as POTUS. McCain did this because he's either fed up the bullshit or because he realizes it's not working. Or maybe he had a "senior moment" and got off script.

I guess it's good to remember that, even after W, there is a person who could conceivably reduce the prestige of the office of POTUS still further.