06 April, 2009

The Catholics Are All Right

It's their leadership (and Bill Donahue) who are the raging morons:

The Catholic Church seems to be having a difficult time getting their own followers to accept their vigorously held positions on abortion and stem cell research. A new Gallup poll shows that Catholics don't find abortion or embryonic stem cell research to be a moral problem any more than non-Catholics do. In fact, that's true on a whole range of issues where the Church takes a strong moral position and their followers don't buy in to that position any more than non-Catholics do. Here's a chart that shows the results of the new poll.


Interesting how they're more liberal on some of these issues than non-Catholics. Then again, most Catholics I know who aren't in the Church hierarchy have been pretty relaxed. It's more important to them to be a good person and treat each other with loving kindness than follow arbitrary rules precisely.

Maybe they can have a little heart-to-heart with their leadership.

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Cujo359 said...

Most of the Catholics I've known demonstrate the idea that if you make enough silly, arbitrary rules, then people will ignore the ones that don't make any sense to them.