03 April, 2009

Ed Brayton's Sideshow

I don't know what the hell happened today, but Ed Brayton has a whole circus worth of freaks. Step right up and enjoy the dumbfuckery.

Gaze upon the frothing funditude of Kimberlie Struiksma, who if successful will give me something to laugh my arse off at come next election day:
Some wingnut named Kimberlie Struiksma in Washington has proposed an initiative to be voted on by referendum in that state. The initiative, which is a new version of one offered previously, is called the Washington State Defense of Liberty and the Existence of a Higher Power Act.


Under this bizarre proposal, the state could not pay the salary of any university professor who is an atheist and says so. Somewhere Chris Buttars is smiling.
Ed has excerpts. Enjoy perusing - this is one we probably won't see make it onto the ballot.

The next exhibit will have you doubled over with mirth:
The Worldnutdaily is all giddy because a bunch of wingnuts in Georgia got together and formed a "grand jury" to indict President Obama. Seriously.
He's been in office just over two months, and these fucktards have already completely lost their minds. I'd call them nutsacks, but that would be an insult to good scrotums everywhere.

Ed's final exhibit is a truly awe-inspiring demonstration of incredible idiocy:
Imagine how crazy you have to be to think that Ann Coulter is too liberal. No, don't imagine it. Read it. A group of religious right radio talk show hosts has put up a webpage blasting Coulter for her endorsement of Mitt Romney, both because he supported abortion and because he's a Mormon.
Ann Coulter. Too liberal. And this is not a Poe, prank, or parody. Daaammnn, that's some high-grade wingnuttery.

Yes, my darlings, you are correct: this was indeed a collection of freaks that make the most magnificent mutants of carnival fame look utterly ordinary in comparison.

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