07 April, 2009

Happy Hour Discurso

Today's opining on the public discourse.

How about some lies and hysteria with your Morning Joe?

We heard plenty of criticisms related to President Obama's experience before he was elected, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough seems to have tweaked the argument a bit.

This morning on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough ranted about President Obama's economic plans (even though 56 percent of Americans approve). His latest talking point: that Obama "has never received a paycheck" in his entire life:

"Think about this: We have a president who has never received a paycheck. ... This guy -- think about it -- he's running Detroit, he's running Wall Street, he's gonna run other sectors of our economy. Andrew, he's never received a check from a profit-making business in his entire life. Not one check. ... Think about the radicalism of that!"

OK, let's take Scarborough's advice and "think about" this. First, the president isn't "running Detroit." Second, the president isn't "running Wall Street." Third, the president isn't "gonna run other sectors of our economy" (Scarborough wasn't specific -- he's a little too superficial for facts).

Facts such as, y'know, Obama's earned plenty of paychecks in his life:

In fact, much like Scarborough himself, Obama has spent most of his career in legal and political work. Still, a significant portion of Obama’s career was indeed in the private sector, where he presumably earned many paychecks:

– Business International Corp.: In 1984, Obama wrote for the publisher’s weekly newsletter, Business International Money Report, covering currency issues and monetary policy.

– Sidley Austin: Obama was a summer associate at the private law firm in 1989, where he was supervised by his future wife, Michelle.

– Hopkins & Sutter: Obama was a summer associate for the Chicago law firm in 1990.

– Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard: Obama was hired by the private law firm in 1993, working on voting rights and civil rights but also real estate transactions and incorporation.

Obama had all this private-sector experience before earning millions writing two best-selling books — books that were published by a for-profit, private-sector publishing company that paid him royalties directly related to his products’ performance.

Is there going to come a point when MSNBC decides that it might be a good idea to force its talking heads to back up what they spew? I somehow doubt it.

Seems like some folks, at least, are getting disgusted with right-wing blowhards huffing and puffing and blowing smoke up our asses. Folks like this veteran:

You gotta love it when a caller completely destroys RushBo. How did this happen? Limbaugh's defense of torture is sickening in of itself.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Rush, listen, I voted Republican, and I didn't -- really didn't want to see Obama get in office. But, you know, Rush, you're one reason to blame for this election, for the Republicans losing.

First of all, you kept harping about voting for Hillary. The second big issue is the -- was the torture issue. I'm a veteran. We're not supposed to be torturing these people. This is not Nazi Germany, Red China, or North Korea. There's other ways of interrogating people, and you kept harping about it -- "It's OK," or "It's not really torture." And it was just more than waterboarding. Some of these prisoners were killed under torture.

And it just -- it was crazy for you to keep going on and on like Levin and Hannity and Hewitt. It's like you're all brainwashed.
And my last comment is, no matter what Obama does, you will still criticize him because I believe you're brainwashed. You're just -- and I hate to say it -- but I think you're a brainwashed Nazi. Anyone who could believe in torture just has got to be - there's got to be something wrong with them. His only defense against the caller is to say he's not a Republican...

LIMBAUGH: You know --

CALLER: And I know Bush wanted to keep us safe and all of that, but we're not supposed to be torturing these people.

LIMBAUGH: Charles, if anybody is admitting that they're brainwashed it would be you.

CALLER: No, no, no, Rush. I don't think so.

LIMBAUGH: Charles. Charles, Charles --

CALLER: You, Hannity, Hewitt, and Levin are all brainwashed and you know it.

Clever attempt at a defense, there, Rushbo. Why, we haven't seen that "I know you are but what am I?" tactic since... my goodness, since the last time a Con opened his big fat trap. Wow. Original.

I think Charles deserves an extra medal or two, there.

And it'll be interesting to see what the troops have to say to this one:

It's hardly surprising that members of Congress would be reluctant to accept Defense Secretary Robert Gates' efforts to restructure military spending. Gates' proposal is a rather dramatic effort at reform, and for lawmakers who've grown attached to Pentagon-related pork, the administration's proposal shakes up the status quo.

But while some resistance was inevitable, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a constant embarrassment to himself and the Senate, is once again breaking new grounds of indecency.

In a YouTube video that is getting linked around the conservative blogosphere, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) attacked Defense Secretary Robert Gates' 2010 defense budget recommendations, though he aimed his criticism at President Obama instead of Gates. Speaking from Afghanistan, Inhofe declared that "President Obama is disarming America. Never before has a president so ravaged the military at a time of war."

Specifically, Inhofe charges Obama with cutting funding for "our troops in the field during an ongoing war."

In the video, Inhofe adds, "Here in Afghanistan, while the war is intensifying and the number of U.S. forces increases at the direction of President Obama, he undercuts those he sends into harm's way. It is not just unbelievable ... it is unconscionable."

Of course, Inhofe is either lying or he's a fool. (It's so hard to tell.) Following the recommendations of its Republican defense secretary, the Obama administration is increasing military spending from $513 billion under Bush to $534 billion in 2010. Inhofe, who's never been accused of being the sharpest crayon in the box, is making a series of ridiculous war-related accusations that don't make any sense at all. "Disarming America"? "Ravaging the military at a time of war"? "Undercutting" the troops? Even by Inhofe standards, this is blisteringly stupid.

Indeed. Just consider what he's worked himself into a lather against:

In his press conference announcing his budget plans, Gates notes that his reforms shift “resources and institutional weight towards supporting the current wars and other potential irregular campaigns.” Here are a few examples of the budget increases that will directly affect the troops in Afghanistan:

– An increase in “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) support for the warfighter in the base budget by some $2 billion.”

– An additional “$500 million more in the base budget than last year to increase our capacity to field and sustain more helicopters – a capability that is in urgent demand in Afghanistan.”

– “To grow our special operations capabilities, we will increase personnel by more than 2,800 or five percent and will buy more special forces-optimized lift, mobility, and refueling aircraft.”

So, Sen. Inhofe... tell us again why you hate the troops. While you're at it, why don't you explain why you were too much of a coward to take on Gates directly? He's the one who came up with those cuts, after all.

When you're done explaining, maybe Eric Cantor would like to step up and tell us why he's such a douchebag:

Newt Gingrich’s protege, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), has a new strategy to obstruct actual governing and legislating: ambushing unsuspecting Democratic freshmen on the House floor. Politico reports on his new O’Reilly-worthy tactics:

[Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)] is part of a team of Republican members that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has put together to create embarrassing, YouTube-worthy moments for vulnerable Democratic freshmen.

Cantor’s floor staff has created a photo album to help identify the 42 most vulnerable Democrats. The aides send daily e-mails to the members of the attack team and alert lawmakers when these targeted members are speaking on the floor. They even draft quick scripts to help focus the questioning.


House Democrats have been holding sessions on “teaching these freshmen to hit back when Republicans put them on the spot.” Unclear how Cantor’s antics fit in with House Republicans’ vow to offer “better solutions” in 2009.

If all of this stupid shit is their idea of "better solutions," I do believe we're better off without, thank you so very much.

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Cujo359 said...

Inhofe's office is also responsible for several climate change denialism "studies" over the last few years. Even for a modern day Republican this guy is a piece of work.