12 April, 2009

Poem o' the Day

The Digital Cuttlefish may be on hiatus, but his poetry still abounds on the intertoobz. And he has a poem that perfectly compliments this week's Sunday Sensational Science, so now's the perfect time to highlight his virtuosity.

Cuttlefish proves that poetry very much has a place in modern life: as commentary, as dialogue, as entertaining enlightenment, and as another satirical weapon to level at those who would lay science low. His poetry's also a sheer, unadulterated delight. I hope he returns soon!

To The Senator's Health!

PZ reports that Senator Tom Harkin regrets that his National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine has done what I, for one, would have bet against: it has disproven "too many" alternative therapies.

I wonder if we can get something to make the Senator feel better...

The Senator is needing
A colonic or a bleeding
Or perhaps a dose of radium to give a healthy glow.
My alt-med guru teaches
That the use of sterile leeches
Would give balance to his humours, and would help his chi to grow.
Hydrotherapy and spinning
Would be only the beginning;
An emetic or a purgative would do his body good
Ground-up rhino horn or penis
And a sacrifice to Venus
Will do more to swell his thinking than viagra ever could!
A double dose of calomel
Would do his tired body well
Or drink colloidal silver till his skin is vivid blue
Elective psychosurgery,
As anyone can plainly see,
Is something that could keep his thinking on the straight and true
We can mix some herbs and spices
Bought at legislators' prices
With the urine of donkey, for the Senator to drink--
But despite our urgent praying
We recall the ancient saying:
You can vote a man to Senate, but you cannot make him think.

Psst... Don't forget Cuttlefish's book is available on Lulu!

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