03 April, 2009

South Carolina Needs a New Governor, Stat

What an incredible assclown:

The antics are getting pretty crazy today in South Carolina, where GOP Governor Mark Sanford, a steadfast stimulus opponent, has come up with a new way to refuse his state’s stimulus cash on the eve of tomorrow’s deadline: Say that tomorrow isn’t a deadline at all.

Sanford’s claim is so startling that the Republican Speaker of the House blasted his “nonsense,” and another local Republican official asked folks to “pray” for South Carolina as the loss of the much-needed money looms.

Virtually every legal analysis — including one done by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service — has concluded that Sanford’s deadline to accept his state’s $700 million in stim money is tomorrow. But Sanford — an apparent contender for the 2012 GOP primary — held a press conference today in his office, where he announced that the deadline was, in fact, bogus.

The fact that members of his own party are saying that “It’s time for the nonsense to stop” and “I’m asking you to pray for us, because that’s about all we have left" should be the equivalent of a ten-ton clue-by-four walloping Sanford upside the head. I think we may have a winner in the America's Dumbest Governor sweepstakes, although Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin did their best.

If any one of these dumbfucks ends up with a shot at the presidency, I'm giving up on this country.

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Steve in MI said...

"If any one of these dumbfucks ends up with a shot at the presidency, I'm giving up on this country."

I disagree with the conclusion. One of those very same dumbfucks DID have a shot at the presidency; the country very sensibly elected President Obama instead.

If it happens again, it would make sense to give up on the PARTY that gave them a shot at it. But I'll withold judgement on the country until after the (re-)election.