01 April, 2009

Watching Teevee

I spent most of today at home, cleaning and arranging decorative shit, hanging decorative shit, and trying to get curtains to hang right on the first try. All of this stuff is dreadfully exciting. So exciting that I felt the need to watch more teevee than I have in two years.

It's been... odd.

There was a program on about a dinosaur find in the Gobi that should crush any IDiotic argument about the lack of transitional fossils. There's a ton of them in that dig, and it's just one small dig from one small period of Earth's history. They found a precursor to the T-Rex, for fuck's sake. Oh, and no signs of humans riding it.

Then there was something about a dinosaur mummy that I didn't pay enough attention to, but recorded for future perusal.

I saw a katana split a speeding bullet in half, and the blade didn't even get nicked. That was absolutely awesome.

Judge shows aren't running out of litigants. And they're still just one step above Jerry Springer.

The Atacama Desert gets one millimeter of rain per year, on average. That wasn't surprising. What shocked me was that the Mojave gets less rain than the Sahara. Yet it has more plants. Go figure.

On the one hand, I'm filled with facts and images that will someday prove useful in my spelunking of the blogosphere and my writing. On the other hand, it's all pretty shallow, dumbed-down stuff. I much prefer the science blogs or a good book. But since you can't read easily while running about drilling holes in the wall, this is a nice way to hang your curtains and have your science, too.

The floor is open. Opinions? Favorite programs? General gripes and complaints about the vapidity of teevee? Have at.


Atheist Chaplain said...

what is this TeeVee that you speak of ??
Since I discovered the remarkable "channel BitTorrent" I haven't taken more than a passing glance at my glowing moving picture box in ages.

Cujo359 said...

I've watched so little TV lately. I like Life, but keep missing it. I have Numb3rs on the DVR, but never seem to watch the episodes.

Most of the TV shows I see are either on the Internet somewhere or DVD.