04 May, 2009

Arlen Specter's Personals Ad

You know, I kind of wondered how Arlen Specter signaled to the Dems that he might be ready for a party change. Didn't realize he was desperate enough to advertise:
Is your tent big enough for my vote? Rakish, slightly used 79-year-old Senator seeks new political party for fun, games, and an uncontested primary.

I’m known as Snarlin’ Arlen, but I’ll be your sweet little kitten of a 60th vote for at least 29 seconds of filibuster-breaking joy (unless they actually seat that 60th guy). I won’t support you, share your opinions, or respect you the morning after a roll call. None of that. I’m only getting into party-swapping to get back at that old windbag of a party that I used to be with because it threatened to cheat on me with a younger, more ideologically pure man....
Alas, these intertoobz romances seldom last. He should never have fallen for those eHarmony.com commercials.

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