08 May, 2009

The Things I Learn Watching Teevee: Unusual Navigation Methods Edition

There's this show called Warriors on the History Channel. This Green Beret guy named Terry Schappert runs around getting all misty-eyed with manly men all over the globe. His credulity grates sometimes. But what makes the show worth watching are tidbits like this, from the "Islands of Blood" episode:
Terry: To navigate these vessels, Hawaiian chiefs used the stars, as well as other surprising ways to judge ocean currents.

Hawaiian Boat Guy: "They have a set pattern. And the really experienced guys can feel them sitting on the deck by their testicles rolling around in their scrotum."
I knew pre-compass navigation sometimes took balls, but I'd thought that was supposed to be metaphorical, not actual, balls.

It's a weird world, innit?

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