04 November, 2010

I Agree With Glenn Greenwald

In this column, pointed out by my dear Paul.  So spend the time you would've spent reading a post by me and go read Glenn's instead.  Then bask in the warm glow of knowing the Blue Dog dumbfucks and their buddy Blanche Lincoln got the absolute stuffing knocked out of them.

Timid Dems may choose to believe they got their asses handed to them on a stake because they weren't Con enough, but if they do, they're just as dumbfuck as the dogs. 

And that's all I have to say about such matters at the moment, because I haven't finished House season six yet, the next Wheel of Time novel's sitting on my entry table howling for me to take it from the box, and Written in Stone isn't far behind.  My characters are screaming for my attention, old friends are crawling out of the woodwork, new friends are popping up like mushrooms in our lawn at work after the rain, the cat still thinks she's freezing to death, and my house would seriously appreciate some scrubbing bubbles.  In other words, I'm like killing snakes.  That's a Welsh phrase meaning busy.

Too busy to do more than tell cowering Dems to suck it up, grow a pair, own the progressive agenda, and learn a lesson from Cons about being motherfucking ruthless when it comes to pursuing an agenda.  If they can't learn that simple lesson after all that's happened, I'm not the one who can teach them.  As for Con stupidity, pounding it's not fun anymore - I like harder targets.  This is like shooting fish in a barrel - using tactical nukes. 

Don't worry, we'll get round to spanking them this winter when they have another go at raping this country up the arse.  I might even give up snark for sarcasm.  I'd try satire, but unfortunately, judging from the way they fell for Stephen Colbert's character, they don't quite understand what satire is.  Too bad - it's always more fun when the victim understands what's about to destroy them.  And believe me when I say that satire has destroyed more than one kingdom.  When you have to rely on a base as imbecilic as the Teabaggers, well, let's just say that despite a few battles won, the war's not looking too good.

Shutting up now.  House beckons.  I'll get all y'all some geology a bit later, and stay tuned for some culture as well, my darlings.


Cujo359 said...

As I've written many times, the Democrats want to move to the right no matter what. If they'd won, they'd have claimed their strategy of "governing from the center" was the right one. Since they lost, they lost because they were "too liberal".

There are two reasons the Democrats do this:

1. That's where the money is. No one pays you to help people who have no money.

2. In contrast to the Republicans' base, the Democrats' base, progressives and labor, let them get away with this.

As long as those two trends continue, American politics will keep moving rightward. Count on it.

Woozle said...

I want to keep my Obama bumper-sticker, but write something on it to clarify the nature of my support. Something like "[Obama] -- too far right, but what choice is there?"

If anyone can think of anything better before I get out the Sharpie, I'd be much obliged.