10 November, 2010

Local Theatre Rules

You know what I did on Halloween - went to the theatre and found Jesus.

Okay, so the actor playing a god also played a drug dealer, which made it even funnier.  But the most memorable moment of his performance was when he passed through the audience handing out communion wafers and saying "Body of me," very graciously.  That moment very nearly topped FDR rolling out onstage, and a gentleman dressed as some sort of ram-horned demigod thingy.

One should expect that kind of weirdness when seeing a musical called Reefer Madness.

I didn't even want to go.  But my best friend abandoned me for a Samhain ritual, and I'd promised my intrepid companion I'd let him test my camera's handheld twilight mode in such settings (performed beautifully, but to avoid any royalty difficulties with the guild, I shall refrain from posting the results).  I ended up having far more fun than expected, as I always do when seeing plays Burien Little Theatre puts on.  I should know enough to trust Eric and Maggie's judgment by now.  They always pick shows that delight in surprising ways, and there's always something quirky about them.

Upshot: I had a wonderful time, and I should have gone earlier so I could give my local readers the opportunity to enjoy.  I won't be so remiss again.  In fact, I had Maggie email over some details about the next show, and if you're in the Seattle area, you'll definitely want to make plans to attend.  Come on.  It's Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis.  If someone tries to drag you to some sappy Christmas special put on by the local godbotherers, tell them you're busy and go to this one instead.

It's got a retiring dominatrix.  What more could you ask?  But wait, there's more!  Here's what Maggie has to say:
*  The play is quirky, the characters outlandish, and yet it's a redemptive show.  By the end of the show, through convoluted and unconventional means, a dysfunctional family comes back together, and the characters all find themselves and love.  It's far from saccharin, but it really does have a holiday ending.  

* Also the "Chinese" Elvis, who's really Vietnamese, does an amazing and hilarious Elvis impersonation.  

* And we have nationally known director John Vreeke directing the show.  Among the places he has directed:  Woolly Mammoth in Washington, DC, the Kennedy Center and Seattle venues such as Book-It Repertory Theatre. 

* Plus we are doing the West Coast premiere of the show.  So far, the show has only been done on the East Coast.
And a personal message:
This really is a holiday show.  For those who are looking for entertainment beyond yet another rendition of "A Christmas Carol," this is both unconventional and ultimately heartwarming.  It's also funny and fantastical.  When watching rehearsals, I find myself laughing and crying, sometimes both at the same time.
If you can resist this, you've got no sense of adventure.  Or you've got kids under the age of 13, can't find a sitter, and have decided they're a little too young for retiring dominatrixes.

You can find dates and times here.  If any of you locals want to get a group together, let me know - we could easily make an evening of it.

So what if you're not from round here?  Feeling left out?  You shouldn't - nearly every city has its own local theatre, and at least a few of them are bound to have their own Maggies and Erics - dedicated people who do their utmost to find fascinating shows just for you, if only you'd get your culture-deprived arse down there.

So go.  You'll have a wonderful time.

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Anonymous said...

Hello - I was in the show (Ralph), and was wondering if it'd be possible for you to email me a copy of your pictures? I'd love to see them.

Nathaniel Jones