13 September, 2011

Dojo Summer Sessions: I Shall Require Topics

Summer's drawing to a close, and the winter writing season is very nearly upon us. The Muse is back from wherever she spent her summer vacation. It looks like winter will be coming early. There's a sharp chill in the night air, and a certain gleam in her eye that says I'm in for it. She also appears to have acquired a new whip. Dear, oh dear.

So I'm furiously loading up on posts before summer ends in order to clear the decks for some marathon fiction writing. I'll need at least 30 Dojo posts fired up and ready to go in advance. I've got about half that nearing completion, and I'm running a bit low on ideas.

Topics. I require topics. What haven't I covered in the Dojo that you'd like to see covered? Pepper me with questions about all things writing, whether fiction or blogging. Tell me what you struggle with. Are there contentious issues in the wordsmithing world you'd like to see me tackle with nothing more than my wits and perhaps a rock hammer? Get them to me. If you don't want to go public, you can always find dhunterauthor at yahoo. DM me on Twitter. Drop me a line on Google+, only you'd better do that before October, because I've plans to abandon it willy-nilly if it continues to be evil. You can even find me on Facebook: although I tend to neglect that place shamefully, they always notify me by email when something gets messaged or posted.

Right, then. Fire away.

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Nicole said...

I've got a topic I think you could cover well that applies to both of us: organization.

You and I do a lot of research and background work. How do you organize it? Hand-written notebooks? Files on the computer? Post-its on the wall? What's your best way for keeping track of all the background bits? And what do you think is the best way to organize background info in general?