01 October, 2008

Faux News Impervious to Reality's Bitch-Slap

It takes a special sort of (for want of a better word) mind to be confronted with clear, unequivocal reality, and promptly make up your own:

Thankfully, the Faux News team is full of such (for want of a better word) minds.

If any of you can't watch videos online (pity), what you would have witnessed is this: Faux News "reporter" asks folks in a diner who's voting for McCain. Only the "reporter" raises his hand. Upon being asked who's voting for Obama, every hand except for the reporter's goes up. "Reporter" declares a split decision and announces that this is why Pennsylvania's a battleground state.

If this is what battleground states are going to look like this November, I think I can stop worrying about the election now.


Anonymous said...

I thought the funniest part was the old couple in the back: He was the only one trying to raise his hand for McLame, but his wife kept pulling his hand back down.

N.B. said...

Thanks for this. I laughed so hard.

PTET said...

Fox are lying FUCKS. It's unfuckinbeleivable that they aren't called on it all the time.