02 October, 2008

Will Protest 4 Beer

The next time you see a group of young Americans holding up Republicon-supporting signs at a political event, you might want to ask them how much money was paid for their principled stand:

In hopes of organizing a robust demonstration for the vice presidential debate this Thursday in St. Louis, the pro-Iraq War (and ostensibly pro-McCain) organization, Vets for Freedom, is resorting to offering local college fraternities hundreds of dollars if their members come and hold signs.

In an email obtained by the Huffington Post, Vets for Freedom field staffer Laura Meyer offered a fraternity at St. Louis University a "sizable donation" - plus free lunch - if it could use their pledges to demonstrate outside the VP debate.

"I was emailing you today," wrote Meyer, "because I am trying to find people who would be willing to hold up signs for a few hours in the afternoon this Thursday outside the VP debate site. It's only for a few hours and you can gain a lot from it...."

Note to idiotic organizations: your political philosophy is bankrupt when you have to pay pledges to promote it.

Allow me to coin a slogan: America's Right Wing: Making a Mockery of Democracy Since Their Inception.

1 comment:

Hank said...

Well the solution to this is obvious: Just offer them more and better beer to walk away!!

Or better yet, offer the sororities the same deal to hold signs supporting Biden and see where these drunk pledges end up at!

Or, and this is the craziest idea of all, you could just forget the whole stupid idea!!