10 December, 2008

Cujo359 Puts the Word "Douchenozzle" to Good Use

Congratulations, Cujo!
I finally figured out how to use "douchenozzle" in a sentence. Just make "Karl Rove" the subject. It works for me.
He's so right. And he proceeds to school Karl "The Economic Crisis is a Liberal Media Plot" Rove thoroughly. With graphs. It is a thing of beauty, and if you know douchenozzles who listen to the Supreme High Douchenozzle Hisself and are now proclaiming that our developing Great Depression II is but a figment of the liberal imagination, you might want to direct them there.

Or you could just wait for reality to bugger them without lubricant. It's a wee bit hard even for a 28-percenter to deny fiscal reality when they're standing in breadlines in the butt-ass freezing cold, looking forward to taking their bit of begged food back to their nice, cozy cardboard box, and discovering just how hard it is to find a job when a) you have no fixed address and b) there are no fucking jobs. But I recommend starting with Cujo's post first.


dNorrisM said...

Cardboard box? If anyone missed it,

here is Cuttlefish's take on things.

(Check out his Blagovitch poem as well.)

Cujo359 said...

Or you could just wait for reality to bugger them without lubricant.

I could go for that one if I could figure out some way that the rest of us won't end up bent over that table, too. The trouble with these folks is that they're taking the rest of us along with them to their prison role play session.