04 December, 2008

Fun With Wingnuts

The sublime idiocy must be highlighted.

We haven't bashed Dana Perino for a few days. Let's see what paddle-worthy nonsense she's been up to:

Today in Oslo, Norway, over 100 countries began signing the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The nations signing the cluster bomb treaty argue that the unexploded munitions pose a “deadly hazard to children, farmers and others long after a conflict ends.” In a surprising last-minute change of policy, Afghanistan agreed to join the treaty.

Russia and the U.S. remain two of the key holdouts to the agreement. Today during the White House press briefing, veteran reporter Helen Thomas pressed spokeswoman Dana Perino to explain the Bush administration’s opposition:

THOMAS: Is the President going to sign the anti-cluster bomb treaty? Apparently this is –

PERINO: Right, this is a treaty that was passed out of the U.N. Security Council several months ago. We said then that, no, we would not be signing on to it. And so I think that the signing is actually — we did not participate in the passage of it, and therefore we’re not going to sign it either.

THOMAS: Why not?

PERINO: What I have forgotten is all the reasons why, and so I’ll get it for you.

Is it me, or does she sound like she's been taking lessons from Sarah Palin?

In case you're curious, the State Department's excuse for not banning child-maiming cluster bombs is that "these are weapons that have a certain military utility and are of use. The United States relies on them as an important part of our own defense strategy.” I'm sure those other hundred countries could have used the same lame bullshit excuse, but they didn't. Once again, the United States proves less humanitarian and less rational than the majority of the world.


But there's excellent news on the Iraq War front:

Last night in New York, ABC News correspondent John Donovan moderated a debate between the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, former Bush aide Karl Rove, Slate editor Jacob Weisberg and Guardian columnist Sir Simon Jenkins. The most contentious part of the debate came during discussion over the invasion of Iraq, in which Kristol proclaimed outright that the United States has won:

But [Kristol] and Mr. Rove both maintained that while the initial occupation was mismanaged, the surge of troops begun in 2007 has placed the U.S. on the cusp of victory in Iraq.

“We’ve won the war,” Mr. Kristol said.

Terrific, Mr. Kristol! Tell it to the idiot generals who haven't yet been informed of our glorious victory. I'm sure they'll be very excited.

I guess they just didn't realize how well things are actually going because they've been too busy fighting to watch Fox News.

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