03 December, 2008

Psst... Hey, Cons. We're Coming For You

I think America started a little something. First, we have Canada's left flexing its muscles and getting ready to pop Stephen Harper in the face. Even Stéphane Dion, whom I'd heard had all the vim and vigor of a piece of wet paper, is breathing some fire. And they're not the only ones:

In England the political news is equally remarkable. This summer Gordon Brown was watching as safe Labor seats were being taken by opposition parties by huge majorities. He watched as the popular mayor of London was trounced by a loose lipped Tory new comer. His own standing in the polls, if put through in an election, would have left only a few dozen Labor MPs, and he would lose his own seat. Now the Brown Bounce as it is called, has him within the statistical margin of error of the Tories, with Labor voters "coming home" to their party. The unifying thread, in both cases, is the promise of massive Keynesian fiscal stimulus, and active response to the crisis. The Tories both in the Dominion of Canada, and the United Kingdom, have promised cuts and question marks, being dragged to admitting the need for action little and late. Dion, elected as a care taker leader, has managed to pull off one of the most spectacular negotiations in Canadian Parliamentary history, and Brown has come back from the political dead on the back of aggressive response, fiscal stimulus, and promising a direction which is avowedly rooted liberal and social democratic ideas. It's something for American politicians to heed.

Seems right wings the world over are about to get clipped.


P.S. If you're wondering if Canada's conservative party is full of the same lying sacks of shit that infest the Cons here, the answer is yes.

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