04 April, 2009

The Fucked-Up Priorities of the Bush Administration

Ed Brayton has an article in the Michigan Messenger that's rather essential reading. Here's the upshot: in order to prevent people from corrupting their morals by gambling online, the Bush administration traded away our right to a clean environment.

That's right. In their opinion, it's okay if we die in a massive liquid natural gas explosion just so long as we weren't playing poker on the intertoobz.

This is what happens when people's morals get twisted by fundamentalist faith. And if we don't watch out, we'll end up with another born-again Con asscrunch in office in the not-distant-enough future.


Mike at The Big Stick said...

Woodrow Wilson traded away all sorts of liberties. FDR tried to pack the courts. See what happens when scumbag Democrats are in office?

Anonymous said...

Hold on Dana- Bush actually sticks to the rules and you get upset? The rest of the world got use to the US forcing them to open up their industries to 'free world competition' and 'stopping protectionism'.

Think about all those essential services that have fallen into the hands of US companies around the world- California can tell you how well that works for, say, your electricity.