10 April, 2009

Get That Man A Straitjacket, Stat

When, oh when will the kind people in white coats come and take poor Glenn Beck away for some much-needed rest?

I hope they get around to it before he manages to strike a match:

First he pours "gasoline"on top of some guy, using his patented snotty whimper to run down all the alleged atrocities. Then he actually says this:

President Obama, why don't you set us on fire? Do you not hear? Do you not hear the cries of people who are saying STOP! We would like some SANITY in our country for a SECOND.

We didn't vote to lose the republic. We didn't VOTE for any of this stuff. We voted for CHANGE. You know what that change was? The change we wanted was an end to the GAMES! We wanted the games to be ended. We want people to say what they mean and mean what they say. We want people just to be honest. We want the parties to actually STAND for something. We want the SPENDING that is out of control, you're building bridges that lead to nowhere, you're spending MONEY that leads only to slavery! We just want some common sense. That's all we want.

We can disagree with each other on policies. But good lord almighty man, some of us don't agree with all of the policies. We'd like to have a country left at the end of four years. No need to set us on fire.
That's just one little excerpt.

It's kind of like listening to a five year old in the backseat sing a stream of consciousness story about monsters. Except for the psychotic parts.
You can't even unpack something coherent from this rant. He contradicts himself, babbles endless nonsense, and throws about flammable liquids with the abandon of the terminally psychotic. There's only one thing he's right about: we would like some sanity for a second. This is why I'd like to see Glenn Beck hauled off the air and stuffed in a padded room with a double-dose of Thorazine.

I swear if we could get this man off the teevee, the sanity quotient of our national discourse would go up by about 38 points.

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