10 April, 2009

Thank You, Captain Obvious

Is there some sort of IQ test you have to fail in order to become a television "news" show host?

From Lou Dobbs, speaking about Obama (and every other president in our entire history, though he seems to think this fact is notable anyway):

DOBBS: Next year, 2010, which is, obviously, going to be a signature year because it will establish, first of all, the power of this presidency and this president, all that he is embraced by at least the national media, he still didn't receive a majority of the votes in this country, just those cast. [emphasis incredulously added]
Wow, great catch, Lou. That's some amazing investigative reporting, that is. Terrific powers of observation, there. Give that man a star.

Next up on Lou Dobbs: uncovering the scandalous fact that the majority of water in the world isn't rain, but only the part that's falling from clouds. I can hardly wait.

1 comment:

Hank said...

Well he probably would have received more votes but, damn it, I couldn't register my cat to vote! At least he would go to the polls, unlike some of these insipid couch potatoes!