10 April, 2009

One o' Those Days

So I get in to work, and before I can settle in, my supervisor comes over. How would I like to rep support, he sez. D'oh, shit.

Cuz when you're rep support, you get to take supervisor calls. Some people ask for a supervisor because they need one. Others ask because they don't want to troubleshoot. And, of course, I end up with one that doesn't want to explain to anyone what the problem is, but magically wants it solved.

Ten minutes after I start my first stint as rep support, half of the damned country goes down. "Why don't you take point on this one?" they sez.

And of course it's one of those issues that doesn't have any pattern at all aside from the geographical location. Crap in a hat.

And all the time, people think I'm somehow magically smarter because hey, I'm wandering around answering questions.

Needless to say, I fell behind in my political reading and ended up feeling like I'd been acting as a stunt double all day, when all I'd shown up on set to do was deliver coffee. Yet, inexplicably, people seem to think I'd done all right, and should be allowed to do this again.

Still, I have to admit... it was a blast.