07 April, 2009

Sore Losers

Cons definitely seem jittery lately. I suppose losing two elections in a row and headed toward a third bashing will do that to you. It's made them... shall we say... creative in their fuckery:
The Albany Project is all over the twists and turns of the NY-20 special election between Scott Murphy and Jim Tedisco. Both candidates have been listed as ahead today, with the latest reversal showing Murphy up by 83 votes. More important, a judge ruled that absentee ballot counting will begin Wednesday, despite a deadline for overseas ballots having been extended to April 13. The Tedisco campaign had been arguing for a delay in the counting, and Phillip Anderson speculates why:

It looks increasingly obvious what the Tedisco/Stone/Ciampoli game plan is. They are trying to delay the counting of absentee votes while they build a list of paper ballots to challenge. It will be much harder for them to challenge those ballots once they are opened and counted, so they are looking to delay that for as long as possible so that they can prepare a list of names to challenge before those ballots ever see the light of day.

Yep, that's got Roger Stone written all over it.
How are they compiling that list of names to challenge? Through polling.
A friend in Columbia County just got polled (Monday) about how he voted on his absentee.
He quizzed the pollster, and it was done on behalf if Tedisco.

Why poll? I suppose the GOP could claim either pure curiosity or that they're trying to decide how/where to target resources for their challenge. Or if the result is favorable, to create an impression of victory.

The concern would be if the poll results are NOT truly anonymous and become a basis for challenging ballots before they're opened.
So, the man who filed a suit challenging the election results (only should Murphy win, o' course) before the election even ended is now busy "polling" people to discover if they a) voted by absentee ballot and b) voted against him. Guess which absentee ballots he'll be challenging, then.

Here's what we've learned about Cons, my darlings. They don't give two shits about democracy. They don't give a piss about truth, reality or law. And they'll stop at nothing to suppress election results they don't like.

Methinks they need to be spanked soundly and put to bed without an election certificate.

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