07 June, 2009

Catblogging: Vacation Edition

Alas, my darlings, I'm exhausted, so no proper vacation blogging tonight, either. The good news is, I can finally hook my machine in through my parents' internet, which means I have easy access to my photos. U can haz kittehs.

When we stopped at Slide Rock, it was a bit too hot to leave Misha in the car. This meant she got to go see the great outdoors and meet people, two activities she utterly despises. She made friends with the nearest tree when we hit the orchard:

I wish I'd been able to get to the camera when the two little girls came up and started petting her as we were leaving, but I was too busy holding her head and back feet to keep her from maiming them. Talk about a cat thinking she's suffering the ultimate indignity.

We're in Scottsdale now, and she's none too pleased with sharing a house with three other cats. She's been sulking in the guest bedroom. She refuses to meet her little brother Spook, even though he's utterly adorable. He's grown considerably. You may remember the last time you saw him:

Well, he's bigger and darker, but no less curious. Here, he's sampling the peacock rock I got at Gold King Mine:

I think I've mentioned before how catastrophically cute he is. Some things never change.


NP said...

He is getting big! Absolutely adorable!

Glynis said...

The kitties are adorable. You are a brave woman traveling with your cat. Mine barfs all over the car and scratches when I try to pull her out...