01 June, 2009

Vacation Report: The Kitteh Has an Adventure

Posting will be light for several days yet, I'm afraid. Not much time for catching up on doings around the intertoobz when travel involves long stretches stuck in a car without internet access. But I can at least let you guys share the adventure to some extent.

We passed Mt. Shasta today. It made a brief appearance from behind its morning clouds:

Gorgeous, isn't it? That stretch of I5 is absolutely spectacular. Lots of fun with plate tectonics and mountain building, and plenty of curves where you can persuade your car to let you play with g-forces.

At the end, you can drop by the dam at Lake Shasta and get yourself a nice view:

We took the cat on a brief hike. I promised you amusing photos of a cat in harness, and amusing photos of a cat in harness you shall have:

As you can see, she made a beeline for the treeline. She planned to play hidey-cat as much as possible. Fortunately, the leash and harness foiled her schemes.

We finally managed to extract her from beneath the trees, and she briefly settled in to admire the view:

On the way back, she once again made a break for the trees, which in this case required a little mountain climbing:

If you wonder what she's looking down at, it's me. And yes, she's considering if she has enough altitude to leap down and rip my face off. She's not what you'd call an outdoor cat.

We're settled in to an apartment-turned-hotel at the moment, where she's taking over the place. If you're ever in Monterey, CA, the Deer Haven Inn & Suites is an excellent place to stay. Total home-away-from-home, including a full kitchen. And it's pretty cheap for what you get.

That's all I can stay awake for at the moment. Hopefully, we'll once again have internet access tomorrow night, and I can entertain you with further pictures of my cat despising the great outdoors.

Hasta, amigos!


george.w said...

I am so jealous! Shasta is teh Awesome.

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