10 April, 2011

For Wise Readers Only (With a Little Something for the Rest)

Today is the day that I make an announcement: I'm writing a non-fiction book.

Still writing fiction, too, mind, but I've got this idea for a little geology book rattling around inside my skull, and the only way to extract it so I can have some peace and quiet round here is to actually write the damned thing.  I'll be working on it through the summer, probably, and here and there as the mood takes me.  And you, my darlings, my joys, my beloved Wise Readers, get exclusive access.  The first bit of the introduction's up at A Slight Risk of Insanity.  Go on over, kick the tires, examine the interior, make all those critical remarks you make when the used car salesman's trying to tell you this is the bestest car in the entire universe.

Not a Wise Reader yet?  Not a problem!  Email me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com requesting to become one, and become one you shall.

For those who are just passing by, or have other reasons for not wanting to become Wise Readers (if it's because you think you are Not Wise, I shall give you such a smack before I make you get your arse on the list), here's a little something to take your breath away.

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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Request sent :)