24 April, 2011

Fossil Freeway Redux

So last year, remember, one of the first adventures we engaged in was a little jaunt along the Fossil Freeway.  What?  You don't?  You don't recall every single word I've ever written?


Well, go read that post, then.  And then click this link and listen to the song "I Am A Paleobotanist,"  because yea, verily, it is teh awesome, and you all deserve a chance to get your science geek on with rock and roll.

And for extra science singing madness, if you haven't already, don't miss Christie Wilcox singing "Extinction's a Bitch."  Then immediately go follow her on Twitter, because if she hits 2,000 followers by May, we'll get more songs!

(Tip o' the shot glass to @Laelaps.)

(And yes, for those who were wondering, I don't expect you to recall every single word I've ever written.  It's just that the opportunity for melodrama was knocking, and I answered the door thinking it was Jehovah's Witnesses.  There I was, expecting entertainment... le sigh.)

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