02 June, 2011

Seattle Has Finally Learned to Count in Spanish

Yes, I know, it's been over a week since I said I'd be putting up more pics from the Peacemakers' show, and I'm sure you've all just been dying waiting.  Here they are:

This in no way gives any sense of the sheer awesomeness of seeing the Peacemakers live.  If you get a chance, go do it.  Even if you think you'll hate it.  Even if you don't like that kind of music.  There's a certain quality to a Peacemakers show that transports you beyond all those preconceptions and makes you wonder how you could have ever possibly doubted.

It's been interesting watching the Seattle crowd evolve.  There's still a rather sad dearth of straw hats, alas - it seems Seattle folk just can't wrap their noggins around the idea that straw cowboy hats are practically a requirement for the True Peacemakers Fan.  But at least they can count in Spanish now.  The first show I went to up here, back in 2007, it was truly pathetic listening to these pale Northerners try to chant "Uno, dos, tres, quatro!" What a difference four years makes:

Now they're getting it!

Allow me to do my part to convince my fellow Seattleites that you should, indeed, wear a straw cowboy hat:

Mexico, May 2006
I wear a straw hat now.  Straw hats are cool.

And yes, that is the Peacemakers' logo tattooed to my shoulder.  If you wonder why, just go see one of the shows.  Then you'll understand.

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