09 December, 2008

Reason #1,879,482 Why I Love Obama

He knows how to spend his Sunday mornings:

I've noticed that the Politico has been reporting quite a bit since the election on Barack Obama's church attendance, or in this case, the lack thereof. Yesterday, it had another item, from the estimable Ben Smith, under the headline, "Another Sunday without church."

As my colleagues Jonathan Martin and Carol Lee noted last week, Barack Obama -- despite undergoing a campaign maelstrom over his pastor -- isn't a regular churchgoer. He didn't often attend Sunday services on the trail, and -- unlike Presidents-elect Bush and Clinton -- hadn't been since his election.

He extended that streak this morning, with the pool report saying only that he'd been a bit late for his regular workout this morning.


If Obama had pledged to attend weekly services during the transition, I could see his Sunday schedules being of some interest. But since that isn't the case, maybe we can do without the regular reporting on the president-elect's worship routine, at least until after the inauguration.

I sense some annoyance on Steve's part there, but he's missing a prime opportunity for snark here. These reporters are just begging for it. Aren't they precious? I treasure the image of them staked out in the bitter cold on a Sunday morning, waiting in vain for Obama to set foot inside a church, but the moment never comes.

*cue mock-sad music*

I think they're missing an important point in their little speculations. There's probably not a single pastor of a single church in this country that they wouldn't attack him for being associated with. So it's really their fault that poor President-Elect Obama has to sweat it out in a gym rather than a pew come Sunday morning.

Either that, or he knows there's more important things to do than worship a magic sky fairy.

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NP said...

It's amazing to me that Bush was criticized for his religiosity, and now Obama is being criticized for his lack of religiosity.

Welcome back to high school, kids! This is the drama club.