09 December, 2008

Don't Let the Door Hit You In the Arse

News that made me grin:

Late last month, reports surfaced that the right-wing advocacy group Freedom’s Watch founded by Ari Fleischer and funded by Sheldon Adelson was downsizing. A spokesman would not say at that time if the group would continue to operate in the future. Today, however, the Washington Times reports that the organization will officially close its doors at the end of the month...
Something tells me the era of unfettered fucktardedness is coming to an end. Good.

Oh, and remember that sleaze fest they were going to throw at the end of the election? Yeah:

Freedom’s Watch touted itself as the conservative answer to MoveOn.org and boasted that it would spend nearly $200 million in this year’s election cycle. But in the end, the group spent around $30 million.

Ending not with a bang, but a whimper, I see.

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