09 December, 2008

This Is Why I Should Read Slobber and Spittle More Often

Cujo359 gets interesting email:

As a member of so many political e-mail lists, I occasionally receive an interesting one. Such a message arrived in my inbox yesterday. It's purportedly a memo sent by John Podesta, the Obama transition team's co-chair, about transparency during the transition process. It reads like a policy memo, so presumably that's what it is. I don't really know any more than that, but the content is interesting and, if it turns out to actually be the Obama Administration's policy, refreshing:

From: John Podesta
To: All Obama-Biden Transition Project Staff
Date: December 4, 2008
Re: "Seat at the Table" Transparency Policy -- EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

As an extension of the unprecedented ethics guidelines already in place for the Obama-Biden Transition Project, we take another significant step towards transparency of our efforts for the American people. Every day, we meet with organizations who present ideas for the Transition and the Administration, both orally and in writing. We want to ensure that we give the American people a "seat at the table" and that we receive the benefit of their feedback.

Accordingly, any documents from official meetings with outside organizations will be posted on our website for people to review and comment on. In addition to presenting ideas as individuals at www.change.gov, the American people deserve a "seat at the table" as we receive input from organizations and make decisions. In the interest of protecting the personal privacy of individuals, this policy does not apply to personnel matters and hiring recommendations...
The rest is at Cujo's place. This idea of participatory democracy is going to take some getting used to after George "Bubble Boy" Bush and Dick "Man-Sized Safe" Cheney.

So far, I likes it.

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Annie said...

I test drove the site and submitted two ideas: one for universal healthcare reform and one for the return of Iraq National Library and Archive materials that were taken by the US. (I'd appreciate votes for them and sharing them with colleagues, families and friends to get wider support. I'll do the same with ideas that are shared on blogs I read.)