23 August, 2009

More on That Horrible NHS Care

Those British and their NHS. First they save Stephen Hawking without bankrupting his ass. Now they're sticking paramedics on bicycles to ensure that in busy metro areas where ambulances may get stuck in traffic, emergency calls still get answered within 8 minutes. And they provide that service for free.

That's obviously not the kind of health care we'd want in America. Waiting for an ambulance and then paying out the nose for it when it does arrive builds character, damn it. If you survive, anyway.


Efrique said...

Here in Sydney they're on motorcycles - they can still get between the traffic when it's clogged up, but when the road is clearer the're faster than bicycles.

Efrique said...

e.g. see http://www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au/media_publications/2009_pages/090707motocycle.html

(The "City of Sydney" referred to inb the article is roughly what would correspond to "downtown")

Anonymous said...

Been doing this for a few years. They have motorbikes as well- the push bikes seem to be for pedesrianised areas.

It's not uncommon to see an ambulance parked up somewhere rural, spread through the region the cover, rather than cluster at the station